Guest Blogger Kid Hike Series – Overton Park in Tennessee

We have partnered with some great brands from around North America to bring you some outdoor kid hike locations that you can enjoy with your children.  Today we are featuring a location in Memphis, Tennessee from Melissa P. of qdsprayer.

Scenery at Overton Park, Memphis Tennessee

Location: Overton Park in Memphis, Tennessee

Getting There: Settled nicely between Poplar Avenue and East Parkway, directly beside the Memphis Zoo

Best Time of Year to Visit: Spring and Fall, since it’s extremely hot in the summer and gloomy in the winter.

What To Bring: Mosquito repellant and a water bottle

Points of Interest: The winding trails in the woods, the amazing playground, the large lawn, the dog park, the waterfall lake.

About our Hike/Walk:  We love Overton Park.  It’s such a jewel in our Memphis community, especially since it was almost destroyed in the 1960’s.  Luckily, a bunch of grassroots common people fought the government and rerouted a transnational interstate to save this precious area.  Now, it’s full of winding trails and wildlife, free to the public who choose to explore it.  And that’s exactly what we did.  My kids and I set off on a drizzling day to enjoy our park.  As you can see above, I mentioned that something you definitely need is mosquito repellant, and there is a VERY GOOD reason for that.   We’ve traveled these trails many times, and my kids LOVE throwing rocks, jumping fallen trees, and chasing random squirrels in the woods, but our trip this time was cut short, due to a vicious attack by mosquitoes!  But we were able to get some amazing pictures with our gorgeous Roo Rain Gear Poncho before the onslaught, and we found another use for it- keeping off mosquitoes!  It works so well, that my baby girl didn’t want to take it off!  Come visit our precious hideaway within our big city- there’s so much to find and so many memories to be made!

Roo Rain Gear RPET poncho packed and attached ready for hike


Toddler wearing Roo Rain Gear poncho with hood
                               How cute is Melissa’s little girl in her Roo Rain Gear poncho?!

Toddler wearing Roo Rain Gear RPET poncho on a hike

 Thanks Melissa for the Kiddie Hike Location, and the excellent write up!

Check back soon for another guest blogger’s outdoor hike location, and don’t forget to visit Melissa’s website.

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