Different Types and Varieties of Christmas Trees

Now that it is officially December, I think it is acceptable to talk about Christmas. Many of you will be trekking to the forest/Christmas Tree farm and choosing your family Christmas tree this weekend.  In order to help you with the excursion we suggest bringing along your Roo Rain Gear poncho in case of that spontaneous rain storm. We have also put together a description of some of the more popular Christmas tree varieties so that you can get an idea of which type of tree is best suited for you and your family.

Different types and varieties of Christmas Trees


Varieties of Christmas Trees - Douglas Fir1. The Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir has soft, dark green needles that emit a sweet fragrance when crushed. These are one of the best smelling trees.  The branches are a bit droopy, but have a nice conical shape.
Strengths: Fragrance, Shape

Different Varieties and Types of Christmas trees - Noble Fir2. Noble Fir

The Noble Fir has blue, green needles with a silvery appearance. These trees have strong branches that are great for heavy ornaments. They tend to last a long time, and are great if you want a tall tree. Strengths: Colour, Strong Branches, Longevity

Different Varieties and types of Christmas Trees - Fraser Fir3. Fraser Fir

Fraser Firs are dark blue-green in colour. They have a pleasant scent, and have good needle-retention. They have pyramid shaped branches that grow upwards.
Strengths: Fragrance,Needle -retention

Different varieties and types of Christmas Trees - Blue Spruce4. Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce are bluish-grey in colour, they have a bad odour when needles are crushed. The trees are usually quite symmetrical and they have good needle retention. They also have strong branches excellent for heavy ornaments. Strengths: Colour, Strong branches,  Needle-retention

Different types and varieties of Christmas Trees - White Spruce5. White Spruce

White spruce are bluish-green to green in colour. They have short stiff needles that emit a bad aroma when they are crushed. The White Spruce has the best needle-retention among the Spruce trees. They also have a good natural shape. Strengths: Needle-retention, Shape

Different types and varieties of Christmas Trees - White Pine6. White Pine

White Pines are bluish-green in colour. They have little to no aroma, but have good needle-retention. They are often very full, the needles are very soft, and the branches are weak.
Strengths: Needle-retention

Different Types and varieties of Christmas Trees - Arizona Cypress7. Arizona Cypress

Arizona Cypress trees are gray-green in colour, and have soft pine needles. They form a steeple shape with lots of tiny leaves. Strengths: Shape 

Different types and varieties of Christmas Trees - Eastern Red Cedar 8. Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedars are dark, shiny green colour. Their compact branches form a pyramid crown. These trees are sticky to touch, and can dry out quickly; however, they have a nice scent.
Strengths: Fragrance

Which is your family favourite Christmas Tree?

Information taken from: http://www.realchristmastrees.org/dnn/Education/TreeVarieties/EasternRedcedar.aspx

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