Eco-friendy Christmas Decorations

The Christmas season is filled with bright lights and festive decor; however, the growing importance of Eco-friendly and sustainability raises the question of how to celebrate the holiday season without draining energy bank accounts.  Here we have put together some options in order for you to celebrate a free Christmas.

Green, Envriromentally friendly Holiday decorations

Solar Powered LED Coloured Christmas lights

1. Solar Powered LED lights – try using this environmental version of the classic Christmas lights.  PHILIPS offers a solar powered LED option that doesn’t require any wiring hassle.  Simply set up the solar panel in a position that allows for charging during day light hours, then wait for dusk to fall, and voila!

Small Rosemary Christmas Tree, green, sustainable, eco-friendly2. Rosemary Christmas Tree – Living trees are a better option to an artificial tree, but how about one that you can leave on your table and use for creating flavourful dishes.  This rosemary Christmas tree from Pro flowers is a great option for some festive decor in the kitchen, or anywhere else around the house.

Eco-friendly, sustainable holiday decorations3. Battery Operated LED Lights – Another option instead of the classic Christmas lights are these battery operated LED lights from GE Energy Smart available from Home Depot. They comes in a 16.3 ft. lighted length, and use D size batteries power supply. The control box even includes a twinkle function.

Battery operated LED wax candle with timer 4. Battery Operated Wax Candles – Candles create a great, electricity-free festive environment during the holiday season, but if you are worried about lighting the house on fire you can choose these battery operated versions made from real wax from Brite Star. They flicker in real time and come with a built in timer that allows the candle to stay lit for 8 hours and off for 16, so it can last for the whole season. They operate with 3 AAA batteries.

Battery Operated LED light outdoor lawn polar bear5. Battery Operated Figurine – As long as we are on the battery buzz, this battery operated polar bear is a great addition to any lawn.  Instead of all those extension cords running across your lawn, and those pricey electricity bills, why not opt for this battery operated version available at Linen n Things.

RPET sea foam blue waterproof poncho for kids, adults, and dogs

Hope this post has inspired you to deck out your home with eco-friendly, sustainable holiday decorations. If you have more rain than snow for the Holidays, like we do in Vancouver, you can grab a Roo Rain Gear waterproof poncho, made from recycled plastic bottles, to keep you dry while you decorate your yard.

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