Guest Blogger Kid Hike Series – Lincolnia Hill Neighbourhood, Alexandria, Virginia

Many of you may have made it your New Year’s resolution to get outside and be more active with your children, which we think is great! We have partnered with some great brands from around North America to bring you some outdoor kid hike locations that you can enjoy with your children.  Today we are featuring a neighbourhood location in Alexandria, Virginia from Sarah W. of Sarah Wells Bags.

Roo Rain Gear RPET waterproof ponchos Kid's hike location

Location: Lincolnia Hills Neighborhood (Alexandria, VA) (aka Our Own Backyard!)

Best Time of Year to Visit: Beautiful in the Spring and Fall

What To Bring: On this rainy day we brought our Roo Rain Gear for Maddy and an umbrella for mom!

Points of Interest: We are lucky to have forest areas in our neighborhood, which gives us tons of places to explore nature.

About our Hike/Walk:  Maddy and I decided to take a walk through our own neighbourhood for a new perspective on where we live, viewing it during a rain storm. We made a point to stay away from most of the paved areas where we usually play and trekked through the banks of trees and around (well, into!) the muddy puddles. Maddy loves jumping in puddles! She loved her Roo Rain Gear poncho because it makes a really fun flapping feeling when she jumps up and down, like she has butterfly wings. It was interesting to see where the rain collects during a storm and we discovered a spot near our house where you can find the biggest of all mud puddles. Usually on a rainy day, we stay inside; this time, it was awesome to change it up and say “hey, it’s raining, let’s go out and play!”

Roo Rain Gear RPET waterprof poncho. Kid friendly hike location

  Thanks Sarah for the Kiddie Hike Location, the great pics, and the excellent write up!

Check back soon for another guest blogger’s outdoor hike location, and don’t forget to visit Sarah’s website for discreet and stylish breast pump bags.

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