Funny Dog Products

We took a long time to think of a simple yet practical design for our Roo Rain Gear dog ponchos.  The product had to make sense for the dog, as well as the owner, and had to take into consideration the daily routines of both.  Not to mention style and the environment had to be considered.  We are happy to be able to bring you a product that does all of the above. Rain, rainwear for dogs, RPET, dog rain gear, dog products Dog Wearing Roo Rain Gear rain poncho for dogs, RPET dog productDog wearing a Roo Rain Gear dog poncho. Rain wear for dogs. Rain gear for dogs. dog rain coat For a video on how the dog poncho works click here

Here are some other dog products that may have struggled with the challenge.

The Puppy Purse

 man carrying a dog as a purse  woman carrying a dog as a purse

The Tread Wheel

Dog Treadwheel. Roo Rain Gear RPET, dog rain poncho

The dog Umbrella

Umbrella for Dogs

 The Poo Trap

dog products. Roo Rain Gear dog rain poncho RPET Hope we inspired a laugh, or two.  Happy Thursday!

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