How to Stay Warm this Winter

A big concern for parents and kids alike is keeping warm during the winter months.  Whether you are standing outside watching your child play football in the rain, or playing outside in the snow with the kids, how you dress can directly affect how much fun you have.

Below are a few tips to help you stay warm and enjoy the winter months.

products and tips on how to stay warm during the winter

1. Wear Silk or Wool 

Long Sleeve Silk Under garment for keeping warm during the winter

Many people think of silk only as a summer fabric, but the truth is it should be a staple in your winter wardrobe.  Silk actually regulates your body temperature keeping you cool when it is hot and preserving your body heat when it is cold.  It also has moisture wicking properties to help keep you dry and warm.  Since it is soft and light-weight it is comfortable to wear under your clothing so you don’t feel like the Michelin Man all winter. You can often get silk in different weights for lighter or more extreme temperatures. (pictured above is a long sleeve silk top from Bella di Notte)

Italian Wool Undershirt

Similar to silk, wool has the same ability to keep you warm when it is cold outside and cool when it is hot. It can also absorb up to 30%  of it’s weight in water without feeling wet. Wool undergarments can usually be found much cheaper than there silk counterparts. I still wear my Italian undershirts that my mom made me wear when I was young, which I hated, under almost everything in the winter because it keeps me the perfect temperature throughout the day. (Pictured above is a wool undershirt from Grace Textile)

2. Avoid Cotton on the Skin

Keep Cotton Away from the Skin to stay warm during the winter Cotton absorbs moisture like a sponge and takes a long time to dry.  Cotton will absorb any sweat and keep your body cold, which is why if you are playing sports, or doing any physical activity it is best to keep cotton away from the skin.   It is much better to wear a moisture wicking fabric as a base layer such as silk, wool, or polyester.

3. Wear a Waterproof Layer 

RPET sea foam blue waterproof poncho for kids, adults, and dogs

While silks and wools are good layers to keep close to your skin, your last outer layer should be a man made waterproof layer to keep you dry from the elements. There is nothing worse than standing outside watching your kid play sports in the rain while trying to balance a camera, coffee cup and umbrella.  That is why our Roo Rain Gear waterproof poncho, made from recycled plastic bottles can help to save the environment and you from becoming a wet mess.

4. Keep your feet Dry

Waterproof Sorel boots for kids. How to stay warm during the winter

Investing in a good waterproof shoe/boot will keep your feet dry and warm. Don’t underestimate the sock either. As mentioned above, stay away from cotton and try wool or fleece on your feet. (Pictured above are Sorel waterproof snow boots, available in kids and adults)

5. Wear a Hat

Blue, grey, and yellow toque, beanie. How to stay warm in the winter

A large amount of your body heat leaves your body through your head so it is important to capture that body heat by wearing a winter hat. I personally love winter hats, and they are my go to fashion  accessory in the winter.

Hope these tips help you to stay nice and cozy this winter.  Comment below or tweet us (@rooraingear) if you have any other great tips to staying warm during the winter season.




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